Gain Access to IT Resources With Ease with help from Shift Computer Services

Gain Access to IT Resources With Ease with help from Shift Computer Services

Cloud Computing services in the Los Alamitos, Santa Ana, Grand Terrace & Garden Grove, CA areas

Cloud computing offers business owners the opportunity to forgo building an onsite network and server environment. Instead companies can leverage service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to build a virtual environment where data, email, and applications are accessed over the internet. This creates maximum flexibility for accessing and collaborating with employees no matter where in the world you are! Additionally, the ability to quickly scale up or scale down without any software or hardware purchases.

We offer:

  • Cloud-based business continuity solutions
  • E-mail & data storage solutions: Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox and more
  • Private or shared colocation datacenter rack space
  • Hosted apps, databases & servers: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Backup & data protection solutions for cloud-based services

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